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Delivering unrivalled technical expertise

In 2011 Honeywell Inc. acquired Sperian Protection and its subsidiaries (including Biosystems). Today Biosystems is part of Honeywell Gas Detection and when you choose Honeywell products you don't just get high-performance, high-quality products at surprisingly affordable prices; you also get access to our considerable expertise:

  • Expert application support: We understand your needs intrinsically, allowing us to provide multi-dimensional guidance and support specific to your application

  • World-class certifications and regulatory team: Negotiating regulations for compliance can be time consuming and difficult; our team can assist with helping you select the correct products required by your application

  • Product support: Our specialist product teams can assist with bespoke needs and advanced product use and functionality
  • Local business support with corporate backing

    We have an intrinsic understanding of just how important locally focused support is. That's why our customers get the best of both Worlds; all the cost savings and logistical resources of a big corporate organisation combined with a local, uniquely tailored service that provides unrivalled support when needed.

    To find out more about how Honeywell can assist with your specific
    business requirements, please contact us.

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